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Vision Mission and Goal

Vision Statement

The aim of all human endeavors is to enhance the quality of life through intellectual, emotional, spiritual, physical, aesthetic and social development of the individuals. We believe that this goal can be achieved by creating an atmosphere where every student gets an equal opportunity to realize her/his own dreams. An institute of higher education has a key role to play in making an individual, realize his core strengths, define his goal and strive systematically by observing the basic human values towards its fulfillment. Such an individual, we believe, whatever she/he does, is an asset to the betterment of our society.

Mission Statement

The mission of this college is to contribute to society through the quest of knowledge by maintaining the highest standard of excellence in every endeavour that we undertake. As an inherent part of our mission we are pledged to impart education in a way that enhances the ability of students to learn throughout life.

Aims, Goals and Objectives

Sourced from its vision statement, and keeping in tune with its mission this College has identified the following goals and objectives

  • To provide counseling, assistance to the students seeking admissions from financially and socially weaker sections of the society;
  • To provide excellent infrastructure, encouraging atmosphere and equal opportunities to the students to make the process of learning an enriching and transforming experience.
  • To inculcate among the students the spirit of scientific inquiry, intellectual discourse and culture of tolerance.
  • To promote the culture of creativity, originality and individuality among the students and the staff.
  • To provide excellent sports, games and training facilities for the physical development of the students.
  • To encourage and promote the student's participation in the activities of fine arts, performing arts, visual arts and other creative forms of artistic expression.
  • To promote, maintain and strengthen the culture of research in the fields affecting everyday life.
  • To encourage the positive and relevant and meaningful use of technology, including ICT on and off campus among the students, the staff and the management.
  • To empower girl-students and the women staff.
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